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This milk collection system features the world’s only FDA-cleared patented protective barrier that protects the breast milk, kit tubing and pump from potential contaminants like bacteria and viruses while pumping. The milk collection system has everything you need to start pumping today. Experience top-of-the-line equipment found in hospitals around the country, in the comfort of your home because you and your baby deserve the best there is. Ameda® HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems are without BPA or DEHP. Pump tubing exposed to aerosols of milk or water can also become contaminated with mold growth. Ameda’s kit prevents milk and/or moisture from entering tubing — eliminating the risk of dangerous mold growth. Each HygieniKit is sealed in sterile packaging and is fully assembled and ready to use and is compatible with all Ameda breast pumps.

Ameda Dual HygieniKit® Hospital Strength Milk Collection System, Sterile

SKU: 17155
$80.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
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