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Supporting Hawai'i moms and babies through their breastfeeding journey 

Hawai'i Mothers' Milk, Inc. was founded in 1975

Our mission is to promote, encourage, support and advocate breastfeeding as the best source of nutrition for infants that benefits the welfare of infants, families and the community.
To facilitate each mothers’ choice to breastfeed by providing professional counseling and education so that an informed choice can be made.
Make available to sell/rent and distribute the necessary breastfeeding supplies, equipment, education materials and others as appropriate.
To promote good health and parenting.

We offer free lactation services to Hawai'i's mothers and babies having breastfeeding difficulties. This comes with a cost, so any donation (Your generosity) helps to ensure the continued support of our lactation services!

Did you know that Breast pumps are covered by your  insurance? Check out our selection of breast pumps and their parts along with other supplies designed to make breastfeeding successful!

Feeding your baby doesn't always come easily. Hawai'i Mothers' Milk, Inc. is here to listen, teach and help the mothers and babies of Hawai'i through their breastfeeding journey. Please contact our office for lactation support.

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